About Us

HRC is a prominent Japanese company specializing in women’s beauty products and spas. With a primary focus on natural ingredients, its products range from cosmetics, skin care, hair care, supplements to wellbeing services that deliver holistic care for women’s skin and beauty. Established in 2001, HRC is led by founder Ikuyo Kasuga, who is widely renowned in the industry and has over 30 years of experience.

HRC products are recognized for their high standards of quality and the abundance of natural oils and aromas, including some uniquely Japanese components such as yuzu and sakura. Careful research and formulation in collaboration with university labs means they are always effective while being gentle on the skin. Products are made in Japan using natural Japanese ingredients, and do not contain any artificial fragrances or coloring.

HRC products are designed by women and they carry the mark of feminine sense and insight. They combine multiple aspects of wellbeing that extend to the health and relaxation of the face, body and mind, by gently stimulating the senses while caring for the hair and skin.

Since its inception, HRC has developed its own league of top brand names across the beauty industry. Nursery, its leading skin care brand and spa, is popular for its simplified cleansing regimen and the inspired use of a large variety of fresh natural ingredients. Lovejeveil offers make-up, nail and hair care, while Esthe Dew specializes in spa service including moisturizing milks, lotions and face masks for professional and personal use. The latest addition is PWB, a range of innovative beauty supplements that rounds up the brand collection to make for a comprehensive approach to lasting health and beauty.

Building on its success in the Japanese, American, and Chinese markets, it is expanding its reach into international markets in response to demand from discerning women looking for authentic, natural, and high-quality beauty products at fair prices.

A founding member of the Japan International Therapist Association – JITA and a leader in educating therapists, as well as disseminating Japanese beauty products and services to the world, HRC is well-known for its innovation and its responsiveness to new market trends, customer sophistication, and demand for natural beauty products.

Our Mission

Providing women with the means to nurture their health and beauty by harnessing the gifts of nature.

Our CEO and Founder

Ikuyo Kasuga is one of the foremost experts in the beauty industry in Japan. With over 30 years of experience, her success in the field from early on propelled her to establish HRC in 2001. At the helm of HRC, Kasuga went on to create beauty services and products that met her ideal high standard as a professional. As HRC went from one success to the other and grew in Japan and internationally, she kept her involved style of management, with her motivation to create new innovative products and dedication to the highest levels of quality. Kasuga is licensed as a CIBTAC and CIDESCO International Esthetician, AEA International Esthetician/Instructor, and Professional Electrologist. She is also the head of the Japan International Therapist Association.

Our Values

Our values at HRC are reflected in our logo: a flower with a human being at its heart. It represents our belief in the symbiotic relationship between human and nature, and the benefits that can be gleaned from this connection. Our core aim is to bring the best that nature has to give, to the customer who is our core focus. The soft curves of the logo also represent our feminine sensibility, being a female-led company, which is reflected in the creation of products tailor-made for the needs of women.

Honors and Awards

Japan Made Beauty Award


Tmall - 618 event: Best Selling Cleanser


Tmall - W11 events: Best Selling Japanese Cleanser